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What's Cooking

Pho 43 is a family-run Vietnamese Restaurant. Our goal is to serve healthy, authentic Vietnamese cuisine along with a focus on our Pho noodle Soup. Pho noodle soup is a hearty comfort soup with origins dating to the early 20th Century in Northern Vietnam. As the pho recipe became used outside of North Vietnam, the recipe has changed to reflect the tastes of the local cultures cooking it.

Pho noodle soup originated in Ha Noi, the capital of Vietnam. If you ever have a chance to visit there, you will understand why the flavor of the pho soup at Pho 43 has a different flavor than any other Vietnamese restaurant in the United States.

As a child in Ha Noi, and spending most of our lives in Saigon, my family and I understand the distinct flavors from each region; including the herbs, spices, and the fresh ingredients that go into our soup. Each Vietnamese person has their own way of cooking Pho soup. In 1994, while living in Saigon, I often ate at this woman’s street-side Pho stand. She made Pho soup with extra tomatoes, and combined it with other fresh vegetables, including bean sprouts, basil, and saw leaves. Her soup had a unique, delicious flavor, which set it apart from many other street vendors in the area.

At Pho 43, you will find its distinct homemade cooking style in our open kitchen. We choose to use the freshest ingredients for the best flavor.

New Location

In Spring 2009, we opened our first restaurant at 2155 Miller Park Way in West Milwaukee, Wisconsin. After 4 successful years of running with all the support and love from our customers, we decided to settle in for a longer-term run in the more vibrant, exciting and diverse neighborhood on the Lower-East side of Milwaukee.

As we reopen, we plan on introducing more unique ethnic dishes, with more flavors and ingredients that we had picked up while adventuring through Asia during the transition. We found a lot of interesting similarities between combination of spices, herbs, and uses of fresh ingredients. What really distinguishes each of the countries is the different combinations and uses of herbs, spices and ingredients available to create distinct and complex flavors respective to each country.

This time, we're taking this opportunity to bring to you new and vibrant flavor within the dishes on our menu. We are looking forward to serving you soon. Please check back for new updates on our opening date.

"People who love to eat are
always the best people"

—Julia Child